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Taq DNA Polymerase (UltraPure Grade)

by Gene And Cell Technologies
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Taq DNA Polymerase is the workhorse driving DNA amplification in Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR).  Gene And Cell Technologies has developed a uniquely efficient, automated manufacturing and purification process.  We are therefore able to offer large quantities of highly purified enzyme at previously unheard of prices.  Gene And Cell Technologies' advanced formulation of Taq Polymerase is free from DNA, DNAse and pyrogens, and guaranteed to deliver the most sensitive and reliable PCR experience possible. 

This UltraPure preparation of Taq DNA polymerase has been purified by ion-exchange HPLC.  This provides a doubly-redundant safeguard against contamination by DNA, DNAse and small oligonucleotide fragments.  Learn more about purity grades of Taq DNA Polymerase

Taq DNA Polymerase should be used at 1 - 10 units per 50 ul reaction.  In general, longer templates will require less polymerase than shorter templates.  For detailed PCR optimization protocols, please refer to widely published PCR guidelines.  This enzyme will generally behave as expected according to standard PCR protocols.

Please note that this bulk Taq Polymerase preparation does not include buffers.  dNTPs are sold separately.  For a ready-to-go version, please refer to our 5x PCR MasterMix.

Unrestricted use information:  It's OK to use this Taq DNA Polymerase preparation for your own research, for the manufacture of commercial products, direct re-sale or any other legal purpose.  This product has not passed any kind of regulatory muster, and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic prodcedures.  


Taq Polymerase is stable over a wide range of temperatures and ships at ambient temperature.  This procedure has undergone extensive testing, and we found no adverse effects on PCR activity, in qPCR and regular reactions, even after shipping it across the country and back multiple times.  


Customer Feedback

We use Gene And Cell Technologies as our supplier at Berkeley Biolabs, the largest biotech hackerspace in the world.  I can assure you that Gene And Cell Technologies ultrapure Taq Polymerase work just as well as the expensive stuff from the big companies.  There are no false positives with bacterial or M13 primers, and the bands are incredibly strong. Thanks Gene And Cell Technologies for helping make our biotech hackerspace possible with your very startup-friendly pricing and high quality products. 

Ryan Bethencourt, Founder at Berkeley Biolabs.

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