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SparkleCell EasyGrow

by Gene And Cell Technologies
Price $4,200.00

EasyGrow is the entry level member in our family of SparkleCell bioreactors.  Like all SparkleCell systems, EasyGrow is intended and optimized for production of recombinant protein and plasmids in E. coli.  EasyGrow may be for you, if you want to: 

  • Try out the SparkleCell concept inexpensively 
  • Use a small system to develop protocols for scale-up
  • Produce no more than a few hundred mg of protein, or a few mg of plasmid


    EasyGrow Features:

    • Up to 2L culture volume
    • Online heater & thermometer
    • Intuitive touch screen control
    • Easy to assemble, clean and sterilize
    • Yields 100-300 mg of protein or 2-10 mg of plasmid


    SparkleCell vs. shaker flask:

    If you currently produce in the E. coli shaker flask system, you will find that SparkleCell has the following advantages:

    • Better oxygenation = more, healthier cells and increased product yield
    • Detailed protocols & pre-validated expression plasmids available
    • Predictable, effortless scale-up to larger systems
    • Quiet, energy-efficient and self-contained
    • Fun to use, looks great on your lab bench


    Free Trial:

    Update:  SparkleCell EasyGrow can now be trialed for 2 weeks, for free!  Subject to terms and conditions.  Click here for details.



    All the documents in this section ship with your SparkleCell.  The full manual has lots of close-up photos showing exactly how each part is used.  You may preview it here:

    EasyGrow's full user manual  

    Brief instructions for assembly, disassembly and cleaning  

    Our infamous warning flyer "Ways to kill your SparkleCell" 

    EasyGrow's two year warranty card 


    How to order:

    You may use this very online store front to place your order by paypal or credit card.  However, be aware that you might have spending limits set that can prevent you from doing so.  Alternatively, feel free to contact us for other forms of ordering, including purchase order forms.   


    The stated yields on this page apply to ideally designed constructs, such as our "pSparkle" series of expression plasmids, or our open source DNA ladder plasmids.  If your construct does not work well in shaker flasks, SparkleCell may be able to help in a number of ways, such as by increasing the cell density and culture size, and improving the reproducibility for parameter optimization. But SparkleCell is unlikely to fix an inefficient construct all by itself. 

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