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A2E is a pyridinium bisretinoid implicated in Stargardt's disease and age-related macular degeneration.  We synthesize A2E from vitamin A and purify it by 2-step chromatography.  The compound is >99% pure.  This material matches the specifications of Parish et al. 1998 (PMID 9843937).  

We produce this highly specialized research molecule for an internal project.  This makes it easy to make our fully characterized A2E batches available to the wider research community.  Like all our products, A2E is in stock and ready to ship.  (otherwise our inventory-tracking software would not let you complete the purchase).  

! A2E is extremely light sensitive.  For best results, it should be handled under darkroom conditions (similar to the historic photo-film labs.) 


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A2E ships overnight, packaged in a tinted vial inside a light-proof box.

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