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New:  SparkleCell now has a try-before-you-buy program.  We're so confident that SparkleCell can benefit your bioproduction needs that we'll let you try a SparkleCell Easygrow out for 2 weeks, with no obligation, for free.  Not only is the trial completely free, but we're even going to pay for shipping (USA and Canada only). 


  • SparkleCell EasyGrow only.  The larger SparkleCell units do not have free trial programs.  Generally, EasyGrow is predictive of the larger units, although the larger units may have better volumetric yields, as the oxygenation rate is even higher.
  • User must confirm that they are fully prepared to run a meaningful evaluation of the instrument in the trial period.  An expression construct of interest should be ready and pre-tested, for example in a shaker flask system.
  • User must be part of an established lab doing bioproduction work.  Must have a real interest in evaluating SparkleCell with the aim of purchasing, if satisfied with the instrument.  Must have the financial capability to do so.  
  • Strictly no hazardous work.  SparkleCell must not be used for the production of toxins, infectious organisms, radioactive labeling work, or any other hazardous work.
  • The trial period is 2 weeks from the date of arrival at the user's facility.  At the end of the trial period, user must either commit to purchase, or return the instrument in a clean and undamaged state. 
  • Subject to the availability of instruments.  We're growing fast, but there are still certain limits to how quickly we can make the trial units. 


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