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Open Source Biotechnology Consumables

We have decided to make some of the production systems for our research reagent portfolio available to the general public for unrestricted use, including the DNA plasmids coding for each reagent.  This is a charitable endeavor.  In doing so, we hope to erode the current barriers of entry to scientific research, and do our part in helping to move biotechnology from centralized institutions to people's garages.  We do this because historically, true innovation has often originated from individuals in garages with no access to large-scale external funding.  Examples range from powered flight to Mickey Mouse to Apple Computers.  We'd really like to see stuff like that happen in biotechnology. 

Since the production systems in question are open source, they are not available for licensing.  Anyone can just use them without a need for a license.  We sell physical open source DNA plasmids for a small fee.  This is necessary to cover the cost of maintaining these molecules in a well-characterized and working state.

Partnerships in this are are possible for those who share our charitable motivation in this area.  For example, if you have developed an open source DNA plasmid in the past, but do want to develop your own reagent distribution network, then we can distribute it for you.  Or, perhaps you are an interested academic or journalist, just wanting to discuss the implications of open source biotechnology.  Or, if you believe that open source biotechnology is a good idea, or see a need for a specific open source tool, we could work together to develop it.

Please contact us for details.


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