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The mission of Gene And Cell Technologies, Inc is to develop cures for all diseases using "true" cell replacement medicine.  What do we mean by this?  In a nutshell, we mean this:


We work to permanently replace old or damaged cells with new cells that are

    (A) Young

    (B) Genetically optimal 

    (C) Available at industrial scale


In detail:

As a side-effect of being alive, our bodies inevitably accumulate molecular damage of various types.  While initially innocuous, increasing levels of such damage ultimately make us ever more prone to the diseases of old-age, and ultimately death:


Not all is doom and gloom however.  A natural pathway of rejuvenation and complete damage repair exists: Even when we are relatively old and diseased, we can still conceive perfectly young and healthy children.  This is the cycle of life, the natural, flawless rejuvenation process -- if it wasn't flawless, then successive generations would deteriorate over time.  They don't.  The miracle keeps happening, right there in front of us.  

The first entity that comes out completely rejuvenated is the pluripotent stem cell.  It is found naturally in the pre-implantation blastocyst, but has recently also been produced in the lab from adult donor cells.


Pluripotent stem cells have the ability to give rise to all the types of cells and tissues found in our bodies.  They can be multiplied in culture essentially forever. 

This creates an intriguing opportunity:  What if we could harness the power of the pluripotent stem cell to generate an inexhaustible supply of young and healthy replacement tissues for everyone?  To be sure, formidable technical hurdles need to be overcome, before this ancient dream can be realized.  At Gene And Cell Technologies, we will not settle for less -- this is our calling that we will work tirelessly to create.  Too many lives are at stake. 


Fortunately, recent progress in synthetic biology has given us a large degree of control over the genome of pluripotent stem cells.  We can now to insert genetic factors allowing us to program them towards a wide variety of behaviors.  We can do targeted replacements of defective, or undesired genes.  We can reach into the natural pool of human genetic diversity, in order to find the most beneficial natural variants.  We know that there are heritable genes or groups of genes that confer protection against humans to major diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Heart Disease, HIV & AIDS and possibly Cancer, upon their human carriers.  In many cases we know the sequence of these genes, and there is little to keep us from trying to implement them.  What if we could use pluripotent stem cells not just as a source of young cells, but also of genetically optimal cells, which draw on "proven" (i.e. natural) disease-resistance genes, in order to confer disease resistance on the recipient of the cells?  The possibilities are endless...


Such is the strategy we sought to capture in our company logo:  The double-helix inside the circle symbolizes the genetically optimized pluripotent stem cell, as the key intermediate in our quest for inexhaustible health and youth. Everything our company does, all its commercial offerings, its products, services and platforms are built in service of this vision.