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Gene And Cell Technologies logoGene And Cell Technologies is re-inventing the supply chain for biologics research in the 21st century.  

Unfortunately, and we hate to say this, we find that the overall biological research supply chain is in a sorry state.  Microgram quantities of proteins cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, forcing scientists to work with tiny volumes at low throughput.  Start-up companies can't even get off the ground unless someone writes them a multi-million dollar check first.  All the while, few suppliers can be bothered with offering specification sheets, or offering more than the most rudimentary characterization of their proteins.   

Our solution is to re-build much of the supply chain from the ground up, using modern manufacturing and quality control processes.  This of course takes a long time, and even today we offer only a very small selection of products, compared with your average biologics supplier.  However, you will find that those products that we do offer are characterized in greater detail, and are available at better prices, in larger amounts than what any competitor can do.  We understand that we're making big claims here.  We invite you to judge for yourself. 

We never approach a project asking "what's the quickest way to product launch?".  We always start with the frustration that nobody offers a product in a reasonably well-characterized state, at anywhere near a reasonable price.  Then, we set out to build it right.  It takes a long time.  But in the long run, it will be worth it.  21st century regenerative medicine won't be invented on microgram quantities of poorly characterized proteins.  We're here to fix this. 


Gene And Cell Technologies made in californiaMade in California.  All products we offer for sale are made at our facility in Northern California, near the very birthplace of biotechnology.  Our scientific team stays intimately in touch with our manufacturing and quality control processes.  If we want products that we can trust, outsourcing any aspect of it to cheap-labor countries is simply not an option for us.  Specifically, our "Made in California" guarantee includes all relevant production steps of each protein:  Process development, culturing, purification, vial-filling and quality control. 

But doesn't manufacturing in California increase production costs?  No, when it comes to biotechnology, it actually doesn't.  That's because access to the local ecosystem and talent pool causes us to end up with top of the line production processes that far outperform the sorts of operations some of our competitors use in low-labor-cost countries, not just in terms of product quality, but also in terms of the amount produced.  We can pass these process efficiencies on to our customers.  Take a look at the store, and see for yourself. 


CEO John Schloendorn PhD, 39.  John founded Gene And Cell Technologies in 2013 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.  Prior to founding Gene And Cell Technologies, John was the CEO of ImmunePath, a venture-backed regenerative medicine startup.  At ImmunePath, John oversaw the development of immune cell therapies from embryonic stem cells from 2009 to 2012.  John served as the Director of SENS Foundation’s intramural Research Center from 2006 to 2009, where he led a variety of anti-aging programs through the pre-clinical stages.  A native of Germany, John holds a Green Card under the National Interest Waiver, a program designed to retain technology leaders considered of national interest to the USA.  


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