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SparkleCell is our patent-pending family of bioreactors for high yield production of proteins and plasmids in E. coli.  Two sizes are currently available.

Benefits of SparkleCell:

  • High oxygenation level translates into healthy cells producing lots of product.
  • Step by step protocols and pre-validated open source plasmids available. 
  • Seamlessly scale up to larger models.  The physics and protocols don't change. 
  • No more expensive than an equivalent large volume shaker. 
  • Makes your bio-lab look cool, just like in the movies!


Free Trial:

Update:  SparkleCell EasyGrow can now be trialed for 2 weeks, for free!  Subject to terms and conditions.  Click here for details.


* Protein yield requires optimal gene design and a protein that lends itself to E. coli expression.  SparkleCell cannot make constructs work that don't work in shaker flasks.  But it can improve the volumetric yield and ease of production dramatically, if the genetic design is correct.  For example, our open source "pSparkle" plasmids are ideally designed and available without any use restrictions. 

** Plasmid yield assumes a high copy number origin of replication, such as pUC, and absence of difficult features, such as inversions, repeats, extreme G/C content.  The yield of pUC plasmids is often proportional to their size.  Again, SparkleCell will often improve the yield, and certainly the convenience of production seen in shaker flasks.  But it cannot make constructs work that don't work reasonably well in flasks. 

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