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Unstained protein ladder

by Gene And Cell Technologies
Price $80.00


This mixture of natural proteins is suitable as a standard to estimate the sizes of unknown proteins in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. 

Please note that this ladder is not stained.  The bands will become visible only once you stain your gel with a generic method, such as Coomassie blue.  This product is not suitable for visualizing transfer to membranes during western blotting.  

Like all our products, the unstained protein ladder is sold for research use only.  It is not for human use.  

At 20 ul loading volume, you will get 50 uses out of this 1 ml product.  It looks just as shown below.  






This product is stable at ambient temperature.  It can be kept on the bench, for example next to your gel tray, for many months.  If you need to store this product for many years, it is best to freeze it to -20 or colder.  The product contains glycerol and survives many freeze-thaw cycles.  

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