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E. coli Lysis and Protein Extraction Kit

by Gene And Cell Technologies
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E. coli lysis kit. $49 / kit.  Lyses 1L of culture.  Gentle enzymatic / no equipment needed. 

This kit provides the necessary reagents to lyse cultures of E. coli BL21 strains and extract recombinant proteins in their biologically active form.  At the end of this procedure, the protein is obtained in a form ready for downstream purification methods, such as ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography, His6-affinity chromatography and others.  

Scale-up is easy an inexpensive for up to 100L of culture.  No specialized equipment is required.  

Like all our products, the E. coli lysis kit is sold for research use only.  It is not for human use.  

The following components are included: 

- Lysis Buffer - protects your protein from degradation and stabilizes its native biological state. 

- Lysozyme - digests E. coli's cell wall, so that your protein can be released from the interior of the cell.

- DNAse - digests long genomic DNA strands, which reduces the viscosity of the extract to permit applications such as column chromatography and HPLC.


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Due to its size, the Lysis kit unfortunately cannot ship internationally.

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