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BCA Total Protein Assay Kit

by Gene And Cell Technologies
Price $99.00

The Bichinchoninic Acid (BCA) assay is used to estimate the total protein concentration in a sample.  In comparison to the classical methods by Bradford and Lowry, the BCA assay suffers less variability due to protein sequence, and is less prone to interference by non-protein substances.  Therefore, the BCA assay has become the Gold Standard in total protein estimation.  Gene And Cell Technologies' convenient BCA assay kit is specially optimized for biological samples encountered in routine biolab use, such as cell culture media, cell pellets, recombinant protein extracts, purified proteins and biological fluids.  

The kit contains sufficient reagents and standards for 5,000 tests in microplate format. 

 BCA Assay Trifold Brochure


Due to its size, the BCA kit unfortunately cannot ship internationally.


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