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Taq Polymerase Plasmid

by Gene And Cell Technologies
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pOpenTaq is an open source plasmid, allowing the user to express their own Taq DNA Polymerase in E. coli.

Like all our products, pOpenTaq is sold for research use only.  It is not for human use.  

No License

pOpenTaq was originally developed at Open Biotechnology, Inc.  We are proudly continuing the tradition of Open Source Biotechnology, by distributing pOpenTaq.

pOpenTaq was designed and synthesized by a private corporation, which did not add any restrictions to it.  To the best of our knowledge, the patents on Taq Polymerase itself and PCR are expired.  However third parties may have rights to restrict you from certain uses, such as specific diagnostic uses of PCR.  Please do your own patent research depending on your application.  We are not liable for any patent claims raised against you by third parties. 

In brief, the purchase of pOpenTaq from Gene And Cell Technologies neither imposes a use restriction, nor does it grant a license. 

Manual & Protocol:  pOpenTaq


Ordering & Shipping 

Our open source plasmids can ship directly to anywhere in the world.  Feel free to use the online checkout.  You'll pay exactly what you're quoted before you submit your order. 

The plasmid is dissolved in a small amount of TE buffer.  If you're in a hot climate, we may add a drop of water to its outer container.  This is not a spill, but is done to prevent evaporation.


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