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HPLC Purification System

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Human cells reporting on the status of a genetic program by fluorescing

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Results of a partially successful attempt to build an organ

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Our robots can even make coffee!

Welcome to Gene And Cell Technologies

Gene And Cell Technologies is a vertically integrated regenerative medicine company.  We race to develop cures for all diseases using true cell replacement medicine.  Along the way, we create our own tools and build infrastructure.  We offer some of our tools to other scientists through our store.


The Store is our offering of basic products and services for research.  Due to our strategy of vertical integration, we produce many components for regenerative medicine in house, and are able to offer them to the research community at very competitive prices.

Partnerships usually involve a technological platform with multiple applications in the biotechnology.  We are actively looking for partners in several areas, and also welcome unsolicited proposals. .

Cures are of course the ultimate purpose of our company.  Under this label we attempt to solve some of the major problems in medicine of our time, by developing true and permanent cell-replacement solutions.

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